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So often you get caught up in the daily humdrum. Every morning and every evening start and end the same with a blurred middle that hardly ever delivers any value to life. In this mess of daily routine, you forget that there are simple things that can add a hint of excitement. A dash of something different. My friend, Mishka, highlighted this the other day when she asked why I don’t try a mini content series on Instagram and use it as writing inspiration.

Thanks, Mish… I enjoyed the challenge and here’s the result. A mini content series focused on being aware of light and simply capturing it.


Morning light. It does all the work and you just have to be ready to savour and save it. This little String of Pearls succulent is the perfect example of that. Patterning shadow lines add a bit of drama, thanks to window blinds.


Someone teach me the art of portraiture, please! I love capturing a hint of the essence within a person, but my eye needs a lot of practice. Here’s Candace with the light hitting her from behind. Unaware that I’ve got the camera on her. Don’t you think she looks somewhat like a perfect porcelain doll?


Trinket shopping and milling through piles and piles of unwanted glassware in a secondhand shop in Muizenberg led to a colourful shot as random vases, plates and glass bits and bobs come to life with an uncovered window as a backdrop.


Often you discover an interesting shot when you’ve opened your eye up to opportunities. This puddle of water in an alleyway at the office came to life when the sun burst through the rain clouds. It’s not a pretty picture, but the movement in the reflection is quite captivating.


This one’s an oldie from last year when I was in Amsterdam. I was just about to go into the Rijksmuseum when the movement of cyclers caught my eye and I was just in time to shoot them coming in from the outside light. Of course, the illuminated arches above add quite a bit of artistic flair as they themselves are playing with the light.

I enjoyed this little series and will certainly be doing it again, soon.


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lunch in philadelphia

philadelphia, photography, cape town,

About 30 minutes outside of Durbanville you’ll find Philadelphia. A quaint little village with friendly shop owners and great little artsy finds. Philadelphia means ‘brotherly love’ – from the bible. Hmm, okay.

Quiet streets, filled with gems like art galleries,  a cheese shop and eateries await discovery. Beware the camera fearing beast outside the gem shop. That guy was not a happy chappy.

philadelphia, photography, cape town

One of the most popular gathering spots in Philadelphia is most likely The Peppertree, which is well known among the Cape weekend roadies.

philadelphia, photography, cape town

Another rustic haunt that’s well priced with friendly service and a pretty decent menu is The Deli Shed. The chicken mayo sarmie, which comes in an interesting round shape, is out of this world. They add some chutney, fresh thyme and a hint of grated raw onion – just the way I like it! The coffee is good, there’s a selection of fresh fruit and veggies, a variety of homemade breads and some other pantry fillers that you can add to your bill to take home.

philadelphia, photography, cape town

The quiet streets are a welcome escape from the city hustle. Philadelphia is a treat to any enthusiastic Instagrammer with it’s old school patios, zinc roof sheets, lazy cats, weather worn doors and interesting (slightly weird) warning signs about pinching geranium cuttings.


Endless calming fields of wheat singing with a persistent hum in the the gentle breeze surround the little village during the wheat growing season (don’t ask me when that is – we have Google now). All and all, a trip to Philadelphia is a Saturday morning well spent.

wheat fields, cape town, philadelphia, landscape



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on the go in amsterdam

Amsterdam Food Vending

Before visiting Amsterdam, I was informed about vending street food and thought to myself,  that’s a little weird and probably not something I’ll give a try. But goodness, was I wrong! All over in the streets of Amsterdam, in small little wall-shops, you will find warm, food vending dispensers from which you can instantly get your hands on on array of delicious Dutch morsels.


There’s also burgers and some sweet treats available from these food havens. Over indulgence on croquettes! Any and all the varieties you can think of and let me tell you, the quality is not half bad.

Amsterdam Food Vending

If only we can these glass boxes of yum in South Africa…


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