the sedgwick’s lane


This Sedgwick’s cocktail is a delicious must-try for the summer. It’s dedicated to the only street you could bottle your dreams. Sounds mystical, hey!

 Sedgwick's Lane


  • 6 ice cubes
  • 1 tsp. castor sugar
  • 1 punnet raspberries
  • 50 ml Sedgwick’s Old Brown
  • 50 ml cranberry juice
  • Sparkling water (to top it up)
  • 1 sprig basil


In a cocktail shaker, add 3 ice cubes, castor sugar and a handful of raspberries (leaving a few behind for garnishing). Muddle and pour in Sedgwick’s Old Brown and cranberry juice. Shake well. Strain into a cocktail glass over ice cubes and top with sparkling water. Garnish with raspberries and basil.


Recipe and image via De Kock Communications

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sedgwick’s original cocktail party

20151110_190502-01 (1)

My foodie friend and author of  Mzansi Style Cuisine, Thuli Gogela,  invited me along to The Original Cocktail Party, hosted by Sedgwick’s. We made our way to Tjing Tjing to try out five of their eight new refreshing cocktails for summer.


I know what you’re thinking, Obies in summer? Yep, that’s right. These cocktails are zesty and perfect to sip on while dipping your toes in the pool at sunset. Think raspberries, mint and a squeeze of lime combined with the sweet, rich taste of Sedgwick’s. Bring on the holidays!

The new cocktails have really cool, old school names, like The Charles Shandy, The Undine’s Hero and The James Regent. I had a taste of them all and my favourite is definitely The Undine’s Hero. A combination of ginger beer, Sedgwick’s, lemon and fresh mint – the perfect thirst quencher. Second best, for me, is The Sedgwick’s Lane which is made with fresh raspberries, muddled with sugar, cranberry juice and a double shot of Sedgwick’s. Mmm, delicious!

The food was tasty and in easy to enjoy portions. It included mini boerewors rolls, seared tuna, veggies rolls and pork belly skewers. There was MORE than enough food and no one left the party hungry, that’s for sure. Self proclaimed gypsy jazz band, Manouche, entertained with hip and swinging tunes.


Grab a bottle of Segwick’s this summer, it’s way more than just a winter warmer from days gone by! Check out their site, Facebook and Instagram.


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