passion fruit curd



As it bursts open and spill the colour and aroma of summer, I remember why I love passion fruit so much. Be it a cheesecake topping, part of a salad dressing or just scooped from the peel with a tablespoon, I simply cannot get enough of this exotic little fruit.

Passion fruit

I was given a bowl full passion fruit and decided to whisk together one of the tastiest treats you can make with butter – curd! Lemon curd has always had a soft spot in my heart, so for the first time ever I tried it with passion fruit and between you and me, it’s beyond sinful. Simple, quick and the best enjoyed straight from the jar.

Passion fruit curd



  • 250 ml passion fruit pulp
  • 250 ml castor sugar
  • 4 eggs
  • 4 egg yolks
  • 125 g butter, cold from the fridge
  • 5 ml vanilla extract


  1. In a large pot, combine the castor sugar, eggs, egg yolks and passion fruit pulp.
  2. Set over a medium heat and stir using a whisk. Allow the mixture to heat up and thicken, but don’t let it boil as this will lead to curdling.
  3. Once the mixture is thick enough to confidently coat the back of a wooden spoon, remove from the heat and allow to sit for a bit.
  4. Cut the butter into cubes and start whisking it into the mixture in two batches.
  5. Add the vanilla extract, pour the curd into sterilised jars and seal.
  6. I keep the jars in the fridge for up to 2 weeks.

Passion fruit curd

Add passion fruit curd to scones, vanilla ice cream or over fruit salad. It’s delicious used to sandwich sponge cake together (especially with a generous addition of whipped cream).

But straight from the jar with a spoon, it makes for the ultimate treat!


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